About Educomp Foundation

Educomp : A Responsible Business House

Educomp Foundation is an initiative of India’s largest education service provider Educomp Solutions Ltd., which strives to bring innovation to traditional learning patterns in India. The company, already a leader in the field of education, has won many prestigious awards for its work – ‘Best Company to Work With’, ‘Best Innovative K-12 School’ and ‘Best Education Webinar Series’ at the Indian Education Awards (IEA) 2012. The firm is determined to apply its core competence to address global challenges involving the quality of education and access to education. Empowering people, businesses and society as a whole, Educomp has been instrumental in introducing the merits of technology-based education to several rural areas in India and distinguishes itself by actively engaging in initiatives that have high grassroots level impact.

Educomp Foundation (EF) was set up in 2010 to support quality education for the children of rural and semi urban areas and empowering women to improve quality of their own lives as well as that of the community. EF firmly believes that the benefits from business must trickle down to society for any economic development to be meaningful and sustainable.

In its endeavor to create a better world for learners, EF has been working to provide quality education, skills development courses and vocational classes as well as raise awareness about health, environmental and safety issues in rural and semi-urban areas.

The scope of Educomp, CSR will include socio-economic, environmental and cultural up-liftment activities other than those statutory in nature and also welfare activities in the areas nearby Educomp operations especially backward areas.The CSR thurst and the focus will be on Community.

The broad areas are as under:

i. Promotion of literacy /education
ii. Infrastructure development for institutions, welfare centres,health care centers etc.
iii. Primary health care
iv. Community activities – Relief and restoration in times of national calamities
v. Promote afforestation
vi. Supplementing development programmes of Government

Educomp Foundation as a trust incepted in 2010,believes in aligning corporate goals with greater societal needs. Keeping millennium development goals and its organizational philosophy of profits of business must percolate to deserving ones in mind; Educomp Foundation has adopted CSR as a policy initiative with the following objectives:

1. To initiate voluntary measures to address economic, social and environmental concerns of stakeholders;
2. To make CSR a key business process for sustainable development;
3. To be a good Corporate Citizen.

These objectives would be fulfilled by focusing on following areas:

A) Community Development

Project – “Village Adoption/development plan
Multifarious development of the model village
Act as a model for other similar undeveloped villages.
Subsequently adopt holistic approach to more villages
Village School Teaching Programme
Students are motivated to identify the felt needs.
Assistance on School curriculum & skill training.

B) Bridging the gap between Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Youth Training Programme
Enabling and empowerment: for a smooth transition from aspiring students to young successful managers. We provide training in their early professional careers through social interactions and responsibilities. The emphasis is always on learning by doing. The experiential and highly interactive training imbibes the skills and attributes in a gradual and subtle manner.

International Exchange Programme
Three weeks theme of Corporate Social Responsibility would focus on Governmental and Non Governmental agencies and Corporate.

C) Awareness Programs & Joy of Giving Programs

A number of awareness programs including awareness of health & hygiene as well as care for environment programs are conducted throughout the year ensuring complete participation of community with a special focus on women, Girls & youth.

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